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How volunteering can give you a personal boost

Giving up some of your spare time to volunteer can have a positive impact on other peoples’ lives, but have you ever thought about how volunteering can benefit you? Here’s  why volunteering can give you a personal boost.

Two children wearing green gloves, picking up rubbish in a park.


A survey by Harrogate Volunteer Centre in 2012 found that 42% of people who started volunteering saw their work-related skills or employability increase.
If you’re looking to change professions, volunteering can act as a great stepping stone. It can act as a refreshing opportunity to get stuck into something a little bit different – especially if you’ve been anchored down to the same job for years.


With volunteering comes new skills and with new skills comes confidence. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with other people and is a great way to make friends.
Harrogate Volunteer Centre found that 78% of people who started volunteering locally saw their confidence and self-esteem increase and 71% of people saw their friendships and social contacts increase.

Life experience

You might be put in situations beyond your comfort zone, you might be mixing with people you wouldn’t normally mix with, you might gain new insights into the world around you. The life experience you can gain from volunteering and can help shape your personality to make you a stronger person.


There’s no better feeling than giving something back to the community. Wonderful things can happen when people join forces to make a difference and knowing you’ve been a part of it can leave you with a sense of pride and satisfaction.
If you’d like to find out about volunteering opportunities in your local area, visit www.do-it.org.uk.

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