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Interview with Community Award winner Alison Brewster

Customer Alison Brewster applied for our engage with your community awards and has successfully won up to £5,000 for Bramley Baths, a community run swimming pool in Leeds.

We asked Alison some quick fire questions about how the funding will help.

1. Why did you apply for the engage with your community awards?

I’ve been an Engage Mutual customer since 1986 and when I heard about engage with your community I immediately thought about the baths.

Ever since the council announced it would no longer support the baths, it has been run by a group of volunteers so any extra funding is a welcome boost. This will mean we can do things which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

2. How would you sum the project up in a sentence?

We want to create a garden area for the local community where they can grow fruit and veg, and enjoy the outdoor space.

3. What will the money be spent on?

The funding will allow us to get help from a specialist community garden planner so we can decide how best to use the space. It will also help us purchase tools, equipment and safe storage areas.

4. What’s your involvement in the cause?

Like many of the local community I’m a volunteer of the baths, and I’ve been involved for about a year.

6. Any highlights from working with the cause?

Knowing that there is a space and resource for the whole community to benefit from this is fantastic.

7. What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone who’s applying for community funding?

Go for it, it’s certainly worth the effort. I was amazed that we had won, but really grateful.

8. Are you looking for any volunteers? If so, how could they help you?

The baths are run by a voluntary group called Friends of Bramley Baths, new volunteers are always welcome, we’re also looking for any help with the creation of the garden.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Bramley Baths visit: www.friendsofbramleybaths.wordpress.com

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