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Are you one of these 16 personality types?

No-one likes to be pigeonholed because we’re all unique, but there are certain personality types that we spot in ourselves and often recognise in others.  In the 1940s, after extensively studying the work of renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung, mother-daughter duo Katherine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers began developing a catalogue of 16 personality types as part of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which they published in 1962.

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The 16 personality types are usually referred to in an abbreviation of four letters signalling qualities of the type, for example ESTJ: extroversion, sensing, thinking, judgement.  Take a read and see if you can spot yourself among the crowd.

INFJ – The Sigmund Freud

You get people.  You always have.  Perhaps it’s that you’re highly intuitive, but you’ve always just had a knack for understanding and empathising with others.  You’ve got a good moral compass  you always follow and because of that your peers respect you.

ISTJ – The Designated Driver

You’re dependable and responsible, an advocate of the “quiet life” and traditional living.  You have a high level of concentration and work hard towards goals you have laid out for yourself.  Through your thorough and well-organised approach to the task at hand, there’s nothing you set out to do that you can’t achieve.

INTJ – The Pythagoras

You see things very much in black and white, because after all, there are only right and wrong answers, right?  You’re analytical and instinctively develop theories and plans to carry out actions and you think in Five Year Plans rather than worrying about what’s round the corner. You’re a born leader, but recognise leadership in others and will follow them if you think they’re going somewhere great.

ISTP – The Engineer

You have a deep curiosity about how things work.  Nothing gets in the way of your curiosity, even if it means breaking the rules sometimes.  Carpe diem is your favourite saying and it drives you to take risks, be it skydiving or white water rafting, if it’s extreme, you’ve tried it.  In fact, you’re probably reading this on a snowy mountaintop somewhere.

ENFJ – The Mother Teresa

You’re selfless, but you’re happy to be.  Innately kind of spirit, you have a deep empathy that allows you to make insightful observations about other people and tune into their feelings.  Gentle and conscientious, you’re reliable with a traditional set of values.

INTP – The Plato

Nothing gets you pumped up quite like a new theory.  What’s even more impressive is your ability to turn abstract thoughts into clear ideas, it must be your logical nature and your insatiable appetite for knowledge.  You can be quite introvert and often feel more comfortable in a room full of books rather than people.

ESTP – The Proactive One

You get things done and you get them done fast.  With your fast-paced lifestyle there’s no time to faff around and anyway, who would want to?  You work fast and if it means breaking a few rules that’s not an issue.  Your great people skills will get you out of any trouble if someone calls you out, and you’re so loyal to your friends that they’re always there to back you up.

ISFP – The Poet

A sensitive soul, you avoid conflict under any circumstance.  You see the beauty in the world, even if it’s in places that other people can’t.  You’re open-minded and accepting of others with a creative flair that you exercise regularly.

INFP – The Thomas Moore

You often get caught up in your utopian ideas and regularly find yourself deeply contemplating humanity and how you can best serve it.  The combined reflective nature and mental agility of this personality type means that you’re likely a skilled writer and adept at scoping possibilities.

ESTJ – The Sportsman

At school, you were probably captain of the football or netball team.  Athletic and practical, you’re naturally competitive, driven to succeed and excel at sports and in everyday life.  You cut through any of the flowery stuff that would appeal to a more artistic nature, preferring simple facts that you can work with.

ENTJ – The Chairman of the Board

You’re a natural leader with the built-in ability to solve problems with creative solutions.  You seek knowledge and appreciate it in others, although have little time for those you consider disorganised or incapable.

ESFP – The Entertainer

You’ll usually be found at the centre of any social situation.  You light up the room and have a way of spreading your infectious good mood to others.  You live for the moment although, as someone who prides themselves on their common sense, you tend not to act recklessly.

ESFJ – The Florence Nightingale

Warm and loving, you always take care of others before tending to yourself.  You feel responsible for others and want to make sure they are always provided for.  In the process you sometimes forget to take care of yourself and need reassurance from others to lift your spirits.  Fortunately, you’re so popular there are more than enough people who are willing to oblige!

ENFP – The Steve Jobs

Inventive and inspiring, you are a natural at any task you put your hand to.  Driven by your own personal goals and values, you’re interested in a broad range of subjects and as such have developed skills across the board.  You’re motivational to others, whether you set out to be or not.

ENFJ – The Philanthropist

You don’t like being alone, but it’s not because you’re afraid of it.  You just love being around people and they love you being there.  Perhaps it’s because you’re in touch with how they feel and have a talent for picking up on what others are thinking.

ENTP – The Leonardo da Vinci

You’re a Renaissance person, intellectual and creative, restricting yourself neither to science or the arts and excelling at both.  You love talking about your projects and get extremely excited about new ideas, although you can sometimes get lost in your own world, forgetting your more mundane responsibilities.

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