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50 things you’d only remember if you’re 50 or over

Remember the good old days, when we didn’t need the internet and mobile phones to enjoy life? We put the feelers out on Facebook and asked those born in the 40s, 50s and 60s to search their memory banks for things from their past only they would understand. We got a flood of responses – here are the results, along with a few of our own!

50 things you’d remember if you’re 50:

  1. Covering school exercise books with wallpaper
  2. Having the board rubber thrown at you in class
  3. Your mother wrapping your scarf around you in winter and pinning it at the back
  4. Knitted gloves with strings through the sleeves so you wouldn’t lose them
  5. Sugar butties and dripping butties
  6. Using a washboard and a mangle to do the laundry
  7. Playground games: Please Mr Fisherman, Can I cross your coloured waters, Marbles & Broken biscuits
  8. Having a tin bucket on the stove to boil nappies
  9. Skipping with rhymes and as many people as you could on the rope
  10. Having bubble and squeak for dinner on a Monday, made from Sunday lunch leftovers
  11. Tin baths in front of an open fire
  12. No central heating, only coal fires
  13. Frost on the inside of the windows
  14. Smiths crisps with a small bag of salt
  15. Penny cracking (scraps) from the chip shop
  16. Wearing a liberty bodice
  17. Playing with a Whip & Top
  18. Having a teaspoon of malt every morning
  19. Having the cane or strap at school
  20. Using a bucket to flush the toilet
  21. Holidays at English seaside resorts like Flamborough Head and Blackpool
  22. Using the mangles at the baths to wring out your swimming costume
  23. Using fountain pens, ink and blotting paper
  24. Lamplighters
  25. Playing out until dark
  26. The coal lorry delivering bags of coal at 10 shillings each
  27. Green knickers with elastic in the legs to tuck your hankie
  28. Milk kept in a bucket of cold water to keep it chilled
  29. Saturday Matinee (Saturday Morning Cinema)
  30. Having an outside toilet with squares of newspaper for toilet roll
  31. Taking cod liver oil every morning
  32. Getting a balloon or goldfish from the ‘Rag & Bone man’ for your pile of rags
  33. Deliveries from the corner shop from a man on a bike
  34. A tap at the bottom of the yard to bring water back in a bucket
  35. Summer bathes in the river
  36. Ticket conductors on buses
  37. Making a Bogey out of pram wheels
  38. Going to Tufty club
  39. ‘Swalk’ and ‘Chips’
  40. Pantries instead of fridges
  41. Watch with Mother: Bill and Ben The Flowerpot Men,  The Woodentops, Rag, Tag & Bobtail
  42. Toys for Christmas made by your dad
  43. Listening to Muffin the Mule and Jimmy Clitheroe on the radio & Workers’ Playtime
  44. Bike clips at the bottom of men’s trousers
  45. Grannies sitting on chairs outside their front doors in nice weather to catch passers-by for the latest gossip
  46. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?
  47. Using a donkey stone to clean the front door step
  48. Cleaning the grate of the oven and coating it with black lead
  49. Ration books
  50. Deposits on glass bottles

Do you remember any of these? Or perhaps you’ve got one to add to the list? Join in the conversation on Facebook.

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