50 ways to carry out random acts of kindness every day

Happiness is contagious. Just like a yawn or a smile, it can spread like wildfire through a group of people – which is why it’s practically impossible to stay grumpy when someone around you is in high spirits.  The same rings true for kindness – scroll down to read our 50 ways to carry out random acts of kindness. 

Mother and child rubbing noses.

Imagine the amount of happiness you’d dispense in your lifetime if you decided to do something kind for one new person each day?

Today is officially “Random Acts of Kindness Day”, a day where people make a conscious effort to carry out a good deed to brighten up someone’s mood. Our ideas below should give you plenty of inspiration to go and put a smile on someone’s face.

50 random acts of kindness:

  1. Walk your friend’s dog
  2. Let someone go in front of you in the supermarket queue
  3. Leave an interesting copy of a book on a train or bus
  4. Send a thank you note to someone who has helped you in the past
  5. Stop to talk to a homeless person
  6. Give up your seat for someone, not just an elderly person
  7. Pick up litter at your local park
  8. Give your parking ticket to someone else after you’ve used it
  9. Donate blood
  10. Introduce yourself to a stranger who you often cross paths with
  11. Bring sweet treats to the office
  12. Hide a surprising and kind note to someone you love
  13. Get back in touch with someone you’ve not spoken to in years
  14. Write a note of encouragement to someone who inspires you
  15. Tip generously when you next dine out
  16. Cut your neighbour’s grass
  17. Babysit for free
  18. Thank someone at every given opportunity
  19. Call or visit a friend who’s not feeling well
  20. Pay someone a compliment
  21. Introduce a friend to another friend
  22. Help someone with their job search
  23. Smile at a stranger
  24. Give directions to someone who looks lost
  25. Post a discount code on Facebook or Twitter
  26. Give a hug to someone who needs it
  27. Let a car into the line of traffic
  28. Teach someone a new skill
  29. Give someone a lift somewhere
  30. Donate money to charity
  31. Be kind to the customer service representative on the phone
  32. Wash a friend’s car
  33. Adopt a rescue pet
  34. Give someone a book you think they’d like
  35. Each time you buy a new item of clothing donate an old one
  36. Forgive someone and never bring up the issue again
  37. Tell your siblings how much you appreciate them
  38. Share your secret recipe with a friend
  39. Start a blog or website that can help people
  40. Lend money to a relative or friend
  41. Help someone with their bags or luggage
  42. Sign up to be an organ donor
  43. Call your family just to say hi and find out what they’re doing
  44. Ask someone how their day was and listen attentively
  45. Buy a coffee for a homeless person
  46. Invite someone over for a home cooked meal
  47. Take a couple hours out of your week to volunteer
  48. Post a gift to a friend who needs cheering up
  49. Hang up a bird feeder in your garden
  50. Run or walk for a cause

There are so many chances to be kind in this world. So instead of letting those opportune moments slip away, seize them whilst you can. For more ideas on how to make a positive difference, have a read of our blog post six ways to help your community.

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