Why we have a duty to celebrate Pride

Now is definitely the time to get up, join in and make some noise.

An altogether different experience

Celebrating this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride is going to be an altogether different experience to the colourful and exciting spectacle that we usually enjoy in August. However, whilst Covid-19 and social distancing may have taken the planned Fabuloso dancing and sparkly costumes away from the city’s streets it’s not dimmed the richness of social purpose that is encapsulated by the colours of the Rainbow Flag.

More than just a party

In my view Brighton & Hove Pride is more than just a party, it’s the anchor for all the campaigning, celebrating and fundraising that has happened over the last 30 years. We’ve been promised a fantastic online festival this year. However, I feel it’s also important to see 2020 as an opportunity to reflect and applaud everything that Pride has achieved, the inequalities that it highlights and still fights to overcome.

OneFamily is an active supporter of Brighton & Hove Pride

In previous years I have celebrated Pride; OneFamily is an active supporter of Brighton & Hove Pride and the community projects it funds. It means a lot to us to be a part of something so important and we’re proud to have been involved for many years. So, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the rainbow-coloured buzz of excitement that ripples through the office as we approach each Pride weekend.

Celebrating diversity

What I’ve learnt is that Pride is not just someone else’s party. It’s about bringing all the colours of the rainbow together to the centre ground to celebrate our diversity. It’s about enjoying the beauty of what makes each and every one of us different and it’s absolutely about feeling the freedom of self-expression. It’s for all of us.

We might be socially distanced, but it’s not enough to be a Pride supporter whose dancing feet feel like lead. Now is definitely the time to get up, join in and make some noise. In fact, I think we have a duty to celebrate Pride this year - as loudly, proudly and as colourfully as we can!


Teddy Nyahasha is CEO at OneFamily. He's a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and when he's not enjoying Brighton beach in the sun with his kids, he can be found indulging in some DIY projects at home.