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Saving money (and the planet) at Halloween

Whether you love or hate it – Halloween’s hard to ignore… especially if you’re a parent with young children! It also can be a surprise when it doesn’t always come at a low price. Whether that’s on ghoulish goodies or outlandish outfits, you don’t need to feel spooked out by the cost of splashing out to celebrate. What’s more, it doesn’t need to cost you hell and earth, especially at a time when sustainability is becoming more of a focus. We’ve gathered some ideas and tips to create a more affordable and eco-friendlier Halloween for you and your little monsters!

Saving money (and the planet) at Halloween

Costume making

One of the main assets of Halloween that can terrify your wallets, are costumes. Fear not, your bank balance doesn’t need to be left for dead – as you can have some DIY fun with what’s lying around your (haunted) house… and get the kids involved in the creative process! You don’t need a lot to come up with an outfit – check out some of our terrifying suggestions:

  • A zombie – all you need is to find some old clothes (which you’re happy to rip up), backcomb your child’s hair and face paint. If you don’t already have paint, why not use some items from the kitchen? Flour and water always mix well for a paste…
  • A mummy – not the best idea for when it rains so make sure you check the weather forecast! All you need is white clothes and plenty of toilet roll to wrap around your child.
  • A ghost – a very easy idea with little creativity needed so not always the most exciting but simply using an old white sheet, cutting holes out for the eyes and the arms. Can be reused for next year too!
  • A bat – we’ve heard an old umbrella makes good use as bat wings once you remove the pole, with some black clothes and recycled cardboard as bat ears - voila!

If you’re not one for a bit of DIY or running out of time, why not ask your friends to swap? So many outfits only get worn once, with a new one bought every year, and the best way to be sustainable is reusing what has been worn before.

Homemade treats

Why not keep the children occupied in the kitchen with some baking instead of shop-bought treats for trick-or-treaters. Have a look in your cupboards for ingredients and muscle up a batch of homemade goodies such as cookies, biscuits, or cupcakes. It doesn’t have to be just sweet; everyone loves a sausage roll or a cheese straw! Home baking always tastes much better too, and you avoid all the plastic wrappers which come with buying big bags of sweets.

DIY decorations

You’ll be surprised what some cardboard, old fabric and paper can do once glued together. You can even recycle the cardboard and paper and reuse the fabric for next year. We’ve come up with a collection of ideas using items you may have lying around:

  • Using some black card, you can create some paper bats to stick on the windows or with a bit of string to create some bunting
  • If you have some fabric leftover from the ghost outfit, why not create some mini ghosts to sit in the front garden?
  • If you have any string or rope lying around, you can create spider webs to strew across the windows and doors
  • If you’ve held onto old plastic milk cartons, wash them out, stick a candle or light inside and using a black pen, create a ghost lit walkway
  • If you want to take your creativity to another level and you have a wad of newspapers to recycle, paper mache spiders or skulls to sit around the house or in the windows is an idea
  • Of course, don’t forget the carved pumpkin…

Visit a pumpkin farm

No house is complete without a carved pumpkin – it’s the Halloween law! The best place for spending little on one is by visiting a pumpkin farm and picking a locally grown one. It’s also a great day out for the kids, especially during October half term, getting muddy and picking out their own pumpkins from a range of sizes to take home and carve together. This will help contribute to your decorations at a low price, as mentioned above. What’s more, you can save the inside to make a pumpkin soup or pumpkin risotto, so you get two in one!

Hopefully, these ideas help you save some pennies this October whilst still enjoying the spooky celebrations and making sure to reuse and recycle any items. Not only will they help you save cost but also contribute to saving the planet by being sustainable. As your inner werewolf would say, owhooooooooo would have known!

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