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Top 4 budgeting apps for teenagers

One of the biggest challenges of growing up is learning how to manage money. Thankfully, there are a wealth of finance apps to help you learn about money management.

From simple budgeting assistance, to active recommendations and spending limits, here are the top 5 finance apps in the market.

1.     Money Dashboard

Free for desktop, iOS and Android

Money Dashboard gives you a clear view of your spending habits. You can define monthly budgets for all the areas of your spending – like bills, living costs and fun – and track your spending against them.

Easy-to-read graphs and charts show how you’ve done in the past, as well as projecting your financial future. Spending is automatically categorised, so you can see exactly where you’re overspending when you go over-budget.

All your accounts can be linked into Money Dashboard, so you can see all your financial activity in one place.

Regular sit-downs with Money Dashboard can help you manage your money better.


2.     Cleo

Free for Facebook Messenger

Cleo is an AI chatbot that helps you with money management. At its most basic, you can ask it questions like “can I afford a coffee?” or “what’s my balance?” and it will give you an honest answer.

But it also sets you a budget – based on your historical account activity - tracks your spending habits and works out how to help you stay on top your money. It also sets up a “Cleo wallet”, where it automatically saves spare change.

If staring at graphs isn’t enough to stay engaged, daily chats with Cleo might be just the thing. And you might make a new friend.


3.     Mint

Free for desktop, iOS and Android

Mint was one of the first budgeting apps, and remains one of the best. As a read-only finance app, it’s possibly the most complete.

As with Money Dashboard, you can view all your accounts in one place, categorise spending and set budgets. Where Mint differs is that it also includes investment accounts – so you can see how your Junior ISA, say, fits into your wider finances.

It also offers recommendations that could save you money – financial products with better rates for your habits, for example.


4.     Squirrel

iOS and Android – 8 weeks free trial, then £9.99/month

If you really struggle to keep to your budget, Squirrel could be the answer. It keeps the money aside for your regular expenses – like your phone bill – and drip-feeds you the rest.

Squirrel is essentially a Barclays-provided savings account controlled by an app. Get your income paid into the Squirrel account, tell it your expenses, set a budget, and it handles the rest automatically.

That way, you know you’re free to spend whatever’s in your current account.

It does cost money, but if you’re always overspending, it could save you a lot more than you pay.


Learning how to manage money can be difficult, but the earlier you get into good spending habits, the easier you’ll find it later in life. Any of these apps will help you do that.

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