How to celebrate Father’s Day whilst isolating

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Father’s Day – you may just have to do it differently to how you normally would!

We’ve put together some ideas on how you can celebrate with Dad, whether you’re isolating with him or not.

If you're isolating together

Make something

Personalised gifts are good, homemade presents are even better.

If you’re artsy, you could make him a card, or go the whole hog and get the paints out for a painting for him.

If you’re musical, you could write him a song. Perhaps you’re good with words and can write a Father’s Day poem.

It might not be as polished as something you buy – or maybe it is! – but he’ll appreciate it more because it comes from you.

Cook a special dinner

If your Dad has a favourite meal that you cook sometimes, make that for him. Maybe figure out a way of making it extra special. If you normally use granulated gravy, make it from scratch, for example.

Or find a new recipe that you think he’ll like. If you’ve got siblings, they can pitch in and make dessert. Make it a full three course extravaganza where you each take a course.

Whatever you do, just remember – it’s the thought that counts. It might be a cliché, but clichés are true for a reason.

Make Dad king for the day

This may be an idea that we think is nice at first and soon regret once Dad start’s getting into it… Tell him to sit back and relax for the day like a King would and you will bring him whatever he needs throughout the day.

You could even do his jobs for him around the house or create a booklet of vouchers which he can use throughout the day. It can be packed with promises from making his favourite meal to learning a new sport together.

If you're not isolating together

Send him an online card or video

If you’re unable to get to the shops to purchase a card to send or don’t have any arts and crafts to create him one, you could send him a card bought online. There’s plenty of retailers still allowing card purchases and sending them on days you want.

You could mix it up and put together a short video, whether it’s humorous or soppy, with a message to wish him a Happy Father’s Day so he knows you’re still thinking of him whilst keeping the distance.

Buy a personalised gift

There’s still plenty of online retailers still trading so you can still send him a personalised gift. One of the joys of the internet is how easy it is to get low cost personalised gifts.

There are plenty of places for personalised mugs and beer glasses, where you can upload your own design or tweak the text on an existing one. The same for cushions or pillowcases or even t-shirts.

But make sure you order in time for it to arrive on Father’s Day as some retailers may have an order deadline or longer delivery dates.

There’s plenty of ideas alongside these which you can use to continue the celebrations for Father’s Day and show Dad your appreciation for him without breaking the rules. Don’t forget you could even save money and just give him a call, whether that’s through the phone or using a video conferencing platform to bring the family together.

We hope our ideas work for you and that your Dad still has a lovely Father’s Day!

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