Simple, affordable ways to
invest tax-efficiently

We offer a selection of investment products for adults. And being a modern mutual, owned by our customers, you can be sure that you’re investing with a company that’s dedicated to putting you first.

Our products are tax efficient so you don’t usually have to pay income tax or capital gains tax on the returns. Remember, tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances. Also, the tax rules might change in the future.

You can have a Family Bond, as well as an Ethical Equity ISA. As they both invest in stocks and shares, they have good potential to grow. But it’s worth remembering that their value can fall as well as rise. This is normal for these kinds of investment, but it does mean you could get back less than has been paid in.

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Our Family Bond is a simple way to invest £25 per month or £270 per year over the long-term. It’s a Tax-Exempt Savings Plan, which means you can take it out in addition to your ISA allowance.

This type of Tax-Exempt Savings Plan is only available from friendly societies. The good news is providing you invest for the full ten years, you get to keep all of the final lump sum – free from income tax and capital gains tax – to spend on anything you choose, for you or your family.

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With our Ethical Equity ISA, you can invest tax-efficiently, from as little as £50 month. Saving a little each month can really add up in the long-term and is an easy and affordable way to invest.

The current ISA limit for 2017/18 is £20,000 (less any money being paid into any other type of ISA) per person so as a couple you can invest up to a maximum of £40,000 each year tax-efficiently. And if you use your ISA allowance every year, you could potentially build up a large sum.

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Why invest with OneFamily?

We have 40 years' experience and look after £7.8 billion of family money for over 2.4 million customers.

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At OneFamily we are proud to be a mutual. We're owned by you, our customers, so everything we do is genuinely about putting you first.

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