Change of Registered Contact for Child Trust Funds

If you are the child named on the Child Trust Fund (CTF) and are aged over 16 you can take control of your account. You can do this by becoming the Registered Contact (RC) for the account.

If you become the RC all communication will be sent to you and you will be the only person we can discuss the account with or take any instruction from. We would no longer be able to discuss any account details with the existing RC.

Please bear in mind that this would be a permanent change and no one else will be able to assume this role if you change your mind later on.

All the information you need to help you understand how your CTF works, can be found in the Terms and Conditions which we will send you when you apply to become the RC. A summary of your account, including additional information on how the fund is invested can be found on any statements sent for this account. These will have been sent to the parent/guardian who is the existing RC.

To become the RC, you’ll need to print off the form below, complete it and then send it back to us.

You’ll need to provide us with:

  • your full name and address
  • CTF account number
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Date of birth

Download Form

Please complete and return this form to:

(please note this is the full address and no stamp is required)

We're here Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday, so if you have any questions, give us a call on 0344 8 920 920 and we’ll be happy to help. Calls to 0344 numbers are charged at a local rate but the good news is they’re often included in call packages. We do record calls just in case we ever need to listen to them.

Please note that the information we provide should help you to make an informed decision as OneFamily doesn’t provide advice on this product. If you’re not sure whether this product is suitable, it's worth speaking to an independent financial advisor (IFA).