Why we're different

Customer service promise

As a member of OneFamily, you and your family are the most important people in our business. It’s you and people like you, who own us after all, not a group of shareholders.

Our service promise


We’re always pleased to talk to you whenever we get the opportunity. We’re always interested to hear what you’ve got to say about how we’re doing, and how we’re able to help you and those closest to you. But more than that, we’re always glad when we can get you the answer you want.

We haven't been OneFamily for very long, just since April last year. But both Family Investments and Engage Mutual, who’ve joined forces to create a new mutual dedicated to helping families, are well known for their excellent customer service, and it’s something we’re determined to continue to deliver to you.

You’re a real person.
We’re real people too.

You matter to us

We take pride in how we treat you. We’ll try and resolve your query first time, every time, and if we can’t we’ll call you back when we have.

We’re always trying to help

We're committed to providing the best customer service possible at all times.

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We believe in the power of conversation.
We talk to you as a real person.
Right quote - Steely Blue

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Every call from you is important.
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We’re not fans of jargon

So we talk to you in natural, everyday language.

If it matters to you it matters to us

We’re not just here at the end of the telephone, there are other ways you can talk to us too.

And when it comes to shaping the future of our business, you can join our influential Customer Panel or come along to one of our Customer Forums.

We’re always learning from you. Sometimes even the smallest things you might think of can make a huge difference and help us build OneFamily around you and your family’s needs.