OneFamily, a bigger, stronger mutual

Bringing together Engage Mutual and Family Investments means we’re now one of the UK’s largest mutuals with over two million members, managing around £7 billion of family money. The combined organisation has a new name – OneFamily – and a fresh, new look.

Simon Markey CEO

Simon Markey, Chief Executive

“Family is one of the most important things in our lives, and helping families of all shapes and sizes to deal with the financial demands of modern life will be at the heart of all we do. Proud to be staying mutual, we’re owned by you, our customers, and work solely in your interest.”

Our vision of a modern mutual

Over the next year we’ll be undertaking five key objectives to make sure OneFamily is as successful as possible for you and all our members.


A clear vision and strategy based on modern family life

It’s natural that we want to give our children the best possible start in life. Every generation wants to pass on a legacy to the next. We exist to help you provide for the whole family’s future and to help you deal with the ups and downs of family life.

From youngsters needing to save for their future to older family members wanting to make the most of the money they have now. And those in the middle, juggling the desire to help both old and young alike, while at the same time looking after themselves.


Developing relevant products to help every generation

Our research tells us that at least one in four families want to do more to help each other out, but when they go to the mainstream financial providers, they don’t find the help they need. We don’t think that’s right and this is exactly where we’re focusing our attention.

We already offer a range of savings, investment and insurance products designed for all stages of family life. We’ll continue to listen to you and work hard to understand the challenges you’re facing financially. Over time, we aim to expand our range of products and services that help with other aspects of family life.


Running things efficiently for every member of OneFamily

Combining the two businesses brings savings, making us more efficient, and creates opportunities for us to grow, so that we can meet more of your family’s needs, whilst delivering an even better customer service, something both organisations were already known for.


Giving OneFamily strong leadership

A strong, experienced management team can make sure our vision for OneFamily is fully realised. We’ll make sure the organisation is run effectively and complies with all policies and procedures that safeguard your money, so you can be confident your money is in safe hands.


Remembering what matters most to you

As a mutual, we have a clear mandate on how we use our profits – to the benefit of our members. Our profits distributed to each and every member would result in an amount individually too small to make a difference. But pooled together, this can have a greater impact on the lives and communities of our members. That’s why we intend to give away £5 million over the next five years with the OneFamily Foundation ».

Helping to meet all the financial
challenges of modern life

At OneFamily our ambition to become bigger and stronger isn’t just borne out of our need to give our members more financial security. It’s also because as a mutual, we work for you and the people who matter most to you. That’s why we’re aiming to make mutual meaningful again.

Our vision for OneFamily is to help you and your loved ones enjoy a prosperous and positive future together.

Simon Markey
Chief Executive

Over 2 million customers, looking after £6 billion of family money