Millions of pounds sitting in untouched government allocated child trust funds

14 May 2019

Millions of pounds are sitting in untouched child trust funds that were set up by the government on behalf of parents for children born as long as 17 years ago.

OneFamily urges the government to remove the transfer limit for Help to Buy ISA customers who want to move their savings into the Lifetime ISA

13 May 2019

OneFamily is urging the government to remove the £4,000 transfer limit for customers who want to replace their Help to Buy ISA with a Lifetime ISA.

£34.1 million Help to Buy ISA bailout

28 Apr 2019

Glasgow number one city for first-time buyer affordability

09 Apr 2019

Research has revealed Glasgow tops the list as the best city for first-time buyer affordability, with the highest average salary when compared to the average property price.

A third of OneFamily lifetime mortgage customers now choosing to protect the capital in their home

26 Mar 2019

Data shows that increasingly large numbers of homeowners with a lifetime mortgage are making monthly payments on their loan. This means that the interest doesn’t roll up, as with traditional equity release plans, and the remaining capital in the property is protected.

Internet, mobiles and money top parental worries

20 Mar 2019

There are many important rites of passage for children, from getting their first set of house keys, to being trusted with money independently but new research reveals that the majority of parents (76%) fret about the ‘right’ ages for these milestones, as modern life opens up uncharted waters.

OneFamily launches lifetime mortgage with market-leading LTV

18 Mar 2019

The new lifetime mortgage will enable homeowners in England and Wales, over the age of 65, to release up to 58% of the value of their property.

Over 55s poorly informed about retirement options

11 Mar 2019

Research has revealed that the majority of workers over 55 aren’t aware of the different options for funding retirement. While pensions awareness is high (92%), other options, which may be more suitable for their personal needs, aren’t even on their radar.

Property vs pension: Over 65s hold nearly five times as much wealth in property than pensions

18 Feb 2019

Analysis has revealed that over 65s have nearly five times as much in their property than their pensions savings , with £1.6 trillion held in property wealth, compared to £336 billion held in retirees’ pensions.

Great expectations: teens expect to earn £70k by age 30

13 Feb 2019

Today's teenagers expect to earn £70,000 on average by the time they turn 30 - nearly three times the actual average salary for 30-year olds , and earnt by just one in 20 adults in the country during their entire career .

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