Husband and wife team win £5,000 grant for regeneration project

Posted in: Foundation Last updated: 30 Jul 2015

Green outdoor space to be created in Grimsby.

A husband and wife team from Grimsby are celebrating today after winning a £5,000 grant from The OneFamily Foundation to regenerate an outdoor space located at the Library in Grant Thorold.

Nathan and Melissa Taylor are involved in a local ‘Enterprise Your Community Hub’, which owns the site and has successfully managed to keep the library running. However, the land it occupies is in urgent need of clearing and landscaping.

’Going Green at the Hub’ was created by residents in the area in response to a growing need in the community.  The group’s goal is to create a small herb garden that is accessible 24 hours a day for all to enjoy and to build a greenhouse from recycled materials.

The £5,000 grant awarded by The OneFamily Foundation will not only facilitate the purchase of materials for the project but will enable the community to come together to connect with nature through smell, taste and touch.  It is expected that the project will leave a legacy for many years to come.

Melissa Taylor, a OneFamily customer, said:  “Our vision is to create an area for all to enjoy and to support people in the community with learning and other disabilities by putting them in touch with nature.

“Everyone involved is so excited with the award, and looking forward to strengthening our community bond by working together to create something wonderful for our community.”

As a OneFamily customer, Melissa applied for the funding from the OneFamily Foundation. Although only OneFamily customers can nominate a community project for funding, members of the public are encouraged to show their support via an online vote, with winning projects being those that secure the most votes.

She continued: “Winning the public vote means a lot to the residents, whose old library site is right at the heart of the local community. With the project being at its infant stage too, everyone can have an input into how the investment is used to design and create a wonderful space from scratch.”

OneFamily is a mutual organisation providing investments, savings, health and life insurance products to help families work together to meet the financial demands of modern life.  As a customer-owned business it is run for the benefit of its customers.  The OneFamily Foundation redistributes a portion of the organisation’s profits, and aspires to make £5 million available to customers over the next five years to help them, their families and their local communities. The Foundation has also helped hundreds of customers with personal grants since its launch in 2014, and its funding pot is made possible due to the financial stability of the customer-owned organisation.

Anna Drabble, Head of Community at OneFamily said: “We are delighted that our £5,000 grant has been awarded to an inspiring group of individuals with such vision and determination to regenerate an area of their community.  We hope that residents will be able to enjoy the new space for many years to come.”  

To find out more about the OneFamily Foundation please visit https://foundation.onefamily.com/


Editors notes:

The OneFamily Foundation (formerly the Engage Foundation) was set up to benefit our members, their families and the communities in which they live and work. There are two ways customers can benefit; personal grants or community awards.  A number of personal grants of up to £500 are available every month to help them, or someone close to them in times or hardship, or simply to make things a little better. Community awards are open for nominations in spring and autumn, with awards of up to £5,000 and £25,000 available to help fund projects in their local community.