Harrow Parkinson’s Group Celebrates £5,000 Award Win

Posted in: Foundation Last updated: 21 Dec 2015

Cash boost from OneFamily Foundation will benefit local sufferers.

A Harrow support group which helps improve the quality of life and independence of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease is celebrating today after learning that it has won a £5,000 award from the OneFamily Foundation.

OneFamily customer, Rekha Shah, put the Harrow Parkinson’s exercise group forward for the award.  She has been attending the group for seven years and her husband, Vinod, volunteers as the group’s treasurer.

“I’ve seen the difference these classes make to sufferers, including myself,” said Rekha, “The disease can take away your independence as your mobility is severely affected, but these classes help you take some independence back. I am now able to do basic tasks such as going shopping with my sister, which I wasn’t able to do before. One of the group members was unable to walk and is now full of energy and is up dancing around, it’s truly inspiring.”

The group holds weekly exercise classes to help with movement for people suffering from the disease and a speech therapist also visits once a month to help them work on their speech. Both exercise and singing has been proven to help combat the effects of Parkinson’s.  

The group is run on a voluntary, not-for-profit basis, with any remaining funds being donated to selected projects researching the disease.

The money from the OneFamily Foundation will be used to cover the hall hire costs and to pay for the specialists who conduct the classes.

“We are so incredibly pleased and grateful that we have won the award and to everyone who got behind us and voted. This money really will make such a difference to a lot of people. We can’t thank OneFamily, and those who supported us, enough.”

The OneFamily Foundation is a unique customer benefit fund, provided by mutual organisation, OneFamily, which aspires to make £5 million available to its members over the next five years to make their lives and communities better.

James Hale, Customer Engagement Manager at OneFamily said: “We are delighted to award £5,000 to this group which are achieving so much for local people with Parkinson’s, a devastating disease both for sufferers and their families.   Using funding to make a positive difference to the lives of our customers and their local communities is what the Foundation is all about.  We wish them all the best with their valuable work.”

OneFamily provides investments, savings, health and life insurance products to help families work together to meet the financial demands of modern life.  As a customer-owned business it is run for the benefit of its customers.  The OneFamily Foundation redistributes a portion of the organisation’s profits, and aspires to make £5 million available to customers over the next five years to help them, their families and their local communities. The Foundation has also helped hundreds of customers with personal grants since its launch in 2014, and its funding pot is made possible due to the financial stability of the customer-owned organisation.

There are four categories for each award, in order to ensure the Foundation gives a wider range of community projects an equal chance to access the funds. For this round of Community Awards there is one award of £25,000 and four awards of £5,000 available in each category.  The Harrow branch of Parkinson’s UK won one of the four awards available in the Health, Disability and Social Care category.

For further information about the OneFamily Foundation please go to https://foundation.onefamily.com/


For further information please contact the team on [email protected] or telephone 0113 243 1117.

Editors notes:

The OneFamily Foundation (formerly the Engage Foundation) was set up to benefit our members, their families and the communities in which they live and work. There are two ways members can benefit; personal grants or community awards.  A number of personal grants of up to £500 are available every month to help them, or someone close to them in times or hardship, or simply to make things a little better. Community awards are open for nominations in Spring and Autumn, with awards of up to £5,000 and £25,000 available to help fund projects in their local community.