£5k boost helps create school library’s fairy tale ending!

Posted in: Foundation Last updated: 30 Jul 2015

Community award from OneFamily gives school library a new lease of life.

A primary school in Herefordshire was today celebrating the news that it has been awarded a £5,000 funding boost from OneFamily. 

Gorsley Goffs Primary School will use the financial helping hand to fund a refurbishment project for its library that will help deliver improved facilities for the school’s 200 pupils. Following an extension to the school, the library’s current space was rendered almost unusable due to an awkward layout and damaged furniture. In addition, the school’s rural location and infrequent connections to neighbouring towns meant the children were left with little access to quality reading material. 

However, the £5,000 funding boost from OneFamily will give the library a new lease of life and inspire the children to get reading. It will provide specialist furniture that will create a vibrant, welcoming environment to encourage the children to spend time in the library, and also allow the school to expand its collection of modern children’s literature that will benefit pupils for years to come.  

Deborah Flitney, OneFamily customer and supporter of Gorsley Goffs’ School Library, said: “A library is such an important resource for children to develop their literacy skills, but unfortunately, our library in its current state isn’t quite up to the job.

"The new space will make a huge difference to all pupils, both current and those to come, as they will have access to a wide range of quality reading material in a space where they can enjoy reading."

The new space will make a huge difference to all pupils, both current and those to come, as they will have access to a wide range of quality reading material in a space where they can enjoy reading. We’re so thankful for our award and would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of those that voted.” 

As a OneFamily customer, Deborah applied for the funding from the OneFamily Foundation. Although only OneFamily customers can nominate a community project for funding, members of the public are encouraged to show their support via an online vote, with winning projects being those that secure the most votes.

OneFamily is a mutual organisation providing investments, savings, health and life insurance products to help families work together to meet the financial demands of modern life.  As a customer owned business it is run for the benefit of its customers.  The OneFamily Foundation redistributes a portion of the organisation’s profits, and aspires to make £5 million available to customers over the next five years to help them, their families and their local communities. The Foundation has already helped hundreds of customers with personal grants since its launch in 2014, and its funding pot is made possible due to the financial stability of the customer-owned organisation.

Anna Drabble, Head of Community at OneFamily said “It’s great that the funding will be put to such good use and have a direct benefit on all of the school’s children. Reading is so important to education, in addition to being great fun, and we’re glad that the new library will be able to provide an engaging environment for the children to expand their imaginations and knowledge!”

To find out more about the OneFamily Foundation please visit www.foundation.onefamily.com


Editors notes:

The OneFamily Foundation (formerly the Engage Foundation) was set up to benefit our customers, their families and the communities in which they live and work. There are two ways customers can benefit; personal grants or community awards.  A number of personal grants of up to £500 are available every month to help them, or someone close to them in times or hardship, or simply to make things a little better. Community awards are open for nominations in Spring and Autumn, with awards of up to £5,000 and £25,000 available to help fund projects in their local community.