Numbers stack up for A-level students

Posted in: Community Last updated: 05 Feb 2014

The students, who are studying A-Level economics at St. Aidan’s and St. John Fisher’s Associated Sixth-Form in Harrogate, attend weekly lessons at the mutual, where experts take them through a number of special classes in order to boost their financial capability.

Topics include budgeting, cash flow, debt, mortgages and loans, protection and investments, delivered with the aim of better preparing the youngsters for the financial challenges which await.

Joanna Priestnall, learning and development coordinator at Engage Mutual and course tutor, comments, “The world of money can be daunting for young people as they move in to adult life, where people start offer them credit and other financial products which they may not fully understand.

“The aim of the course is to help prepare the students for the world of money which awaits, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to make the right choices when managing their finances.”

As part of the course, the students will demonstrate their newfound knowledge by delivering a lesson to local primary school students. The sixth formers will teach pupils aged 9 - 11 about the importance of saving and how they can better prepare themselves financially for the future.

Following their classroom experience, the group will head to the Engage Mutual boardroom and present a rundown of their learnings to a number of notable figures including the mutual’s chief executive, Peter Burrows.

Ruth McQuire, head of business and economics at St. Aidan’s, adds, “This course has proved very popular amongst our students. Not only does it provide them with extra background knowledge for their A-Level studies but also practical information which will serve them well in adult life.”

The mutual, which provides life insurance, health and savings products to half a million customers across the UK, has been running the classes for a number of years as part of its drive to increase financial education amongst young people.