Engage Mutual invites customers to get involved

Posted in: Community Last updated: 30 Apr 2013

Engage Mutual has launched a new community section within its website, which allows customers to discuss, interact and have an active say in the development and direction of the organisation.

Get involved which comprises three areas: share ideas, choose a charity and suggest projects, is part of the mutual’s wider process of expanding customer focus and the next step in further increasing engagement.

Engage Mutual has a long-established customer panel with over 1,000 members. The new section of the website now provides them with an opportunity to be involved in a wider range of issues and to share news with each other.

All customers registered on get involved will be able to to suggest and nominate which charities the mutual supports and will have a say in choosing some of the projects to benefit from the engage with your community initiative funding.

Those who register on the website can also select one of three charities, Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan and NSPCC, to which the mutual will donate £1on their behalf.

Karl Elliott marketing and sales director at Engage Mutual, said:

“As a customer owned business we have been consulting with our customer panel for a number of years.

“Creating more engagement, involvement and the opportunity to get more feedback from our customers on the issues that matter most to them is an important first step in helping customers play a more active part in their organisation.”

The community pages follow on from last year’s pilot of engagewithyou.com, created as a place for customers to share experiences, talk to others and get information. Get involved builds on the success of this while incorporating new features and customer suggestions.