Prescott completes 48 hour Race to the Grand Final

Posted in: Community Last updated: 09 Oct 2012

Despite a series of obstacles and setbacks, former Rugby League ace, Steve Prescott MBE, today successfully completed the Engage Mutual Race to the Grand Final, his latest challenge staged to raise money for the Steve Prescott Foundation.

Prescott, who had stints with St Helens, Hull FC and Wakefield, arrived at Old Trafford, after what he described as “48 hours of mental and physical torture”, in time to deliver the match ball to Grand Final referee Richard Silverwood.

The two day event saw Steve, along with 29 hardy team members, run across the Humber Bridge, swim one mile in open water, cycle from Hull to Liverpool where they swam the Mersey, before running between Liverpool and Runcorn.

The final leg of the challenge saw the group canoe up the Bridgewater Canal to Old Trafford where they joined thousands of spectators at the showcase event.

Speaking as he finished the 48 hour challenge, Steve said:

 “The challenge was tougher than ever; it really was an epic task.  They keep getting harder and harder.  Before undertaking them you forget just how hard they are.  But you have to put that to the back of your mind and get into it.

“That said, it’s another challenge completed.  I’m not sure how we managed it, but I’d like to thank everyone for their support.”

As well as the challenge of the event itself the group also had to overcome a number of obstacles along the way.  Before it had even begun, the route was altered for safety reasons as adverse weather meant the Humber swim was not possible. As a result, the group cycled across the Humber Bridge before swimming a mile in open water, making the challenge even tougher than anticipated.

During the mammoth overnight cycle the group were hampered by horrendous weather and a series of punctures which slowed them down and dramatically reduced recovery time before the Mersey swim.   Here too, the going was tougher than expected.  The river was so strong that it was touch and go throughout whether the swimmers should continue, with the rescue boat shadowing their progress.  The result was that the swim took a lot longer and the challenge group finished a mile and a half down from their planned rendezvous point.

Backed by Engage Mutual, the aim of the challenge was to raise over £30,000 for The Steve Prescott Foundation, which was founded to inspire others and raise money for the RL Benevolent Fund and The Christie cancer hospital in Manchester, which has supported Prescott since his diagnosis with cancer in 2006.