The Lowest Charge Child Savings Plan

Posted in: Products Last updated: 10 Jan 2006

Engage Mutual Assurance’s Child Savings Plan is the lowest charging tax exempt friendly society savings plan for children, listed in the FSA table.

Child Savings Plan - Other highlights

  • Affordable saving – save up to £25 a month or £270 a year per child aged 15 or under
  • Tax exempt growth potential
  • Competitive low cost life insurance premiums
  • A tax free lump sum to give a child a head start in future
  • A choice of stock market or deposit based investment funds
  • Save for more than one child as each child can have a plan of their own

NB: The value of stock market based investments can fall as well as rise and a saver may not get back all that they invest. With a deposit based fund please bear in mind that the interest earned by the fund is not guaranteed.

Information based on a limited selection of 20 products taken from the tables prepared by the FSA. Table illustrated as at 09.01.06. The Financial Services Authority©. The FSA does not endorse our company, this product or any conclusions drawn from this data and the list is based on the ‘charges in early years’ sort. See www.fsa.gov.uk/tables then select ‘go to tables’,  ‘endowments’, ’endowments table’, select the profile for a child contributing ‘£25’ and ‘tax exempt plans’.