Saving Memories, Saving Money

Posted in: Community Last updated: 10 Feb 2006

The Rugby Heritage Project inspires kids’ pocket money workshops at National Museum of Film, Photography and Television, Bradford.

The unique Rugby Heritage Project has inspired a local company to bring children’s financial capability to life, with themed pocket money workshops that will take place on Wednesday 15th February.

Engage Mutual Assurance, which enjoys strong links with rugby league as headline sponsor of the Engage Super League, is supporting the heritage project, that will restore, preserve and display a selection of rugby photographs and archive footage at Bradford’s National Museum of Film, Photography and Television.

Making money matter

The photographs and film show will be complemented with two interactive pocket-money sessions that look at budgeting, saving and value – all based around rugby’s past, present and future. The event should provide a great day out as well as making money matters more interesting to those who take part. Attitudes to money across the generations will be discussed and children will have the chance to ask questions, meet some of their favurite rugby stars and go home with an engage goody bag.

Sarah Jeffery, Engage’s Learning and Development Manager and a rugby league supporter herself, devised the pocket money course. “We’re want to demistify the basics, to give money matters more natural appeal to children. Linking with rugby league does this and the historic aspect brings an added dimension that should encourage the kids to ask their family questions at home. Rugby league offers tremendous opportunities time and time again to to bring the generations together for enjoyment – as this occasion proves.”

There are other events happening as part of the engage Rugby Heritage Project:

  1. Is it you? – Bradford Bulls are appealing to find the people featured in the accompanying image of a Bulls vs Hull Kingston Rovers match. Bill Pattinson is holding the ball, Fred Lindop is the referee, Stuart Carlton is being carried off the pitch – but who is holding his ankles? If you know, please get in touch on 01423 875 006.
  2. Reminiscing sessions – fans, players and enthusiasts past and present are invited to view the film, photographs and to share their experiences.
  3. Preview for press at VIP launch event – a preview of the restored TV footage of an old Bradford Bulls game 10am with refreshments.
  4. Engage Kids Pocket Money workshops – it can be a costly business being a supporter, so kids can learn money management embedded within their favourite sport.


9.15am Ready for public

10.00am VIP presentation and film screening

11.00am Group 1 Pocket Money Session, Group 2 tour of exhibition – then swap

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Group 3 Pocket Money Session, Group 4 tour of exhibition – then swap