Park Row Takes On Engage Mutual Assurance Whole Of Life And Child Trust Funds

Posted in: Corporate Last updated: 04 May 2006

Park Row, owned by one of the UKs oldest mutuals, Royal Liver, has extended its product portfolio in association with Harrogate-based Engage Mutual Assurance. Park Row will distribute two Engage branded products – a Guaranteed Acceptance Over 50s Life Cover Plan and Stakeholder Child Trust Fund.

Engage Mutual Assurance aims to increase its share of the protection and investment markets via Park Row’s 140 or so multi-tie advisers and 200 Royal Liver home service representatives.

Andrew Haigh, Chief Executive of Engage Mutual Assurance, believes the move will enable Park Row to capitalise on the good value of the Engage products, backed up with excellent support from the Engage customer care team:

“We’ve already enjoyed considerable success distributing both of these products through financial, retail and military partners and we’re extremely pleased to extend our reach through top-name IFAs. The Engage Guaranteed Acceptance Over 50s Life Cover Plan is a very simple, affordable product, which is ideal for individuals who don’t want to go through complex underwriting procedures. Our Child Trust Fund is equally as accessible, with a low contribution rate of £5 and because it’s a stakeholder product, charges are capped at 1.5%.”

Peter Sprung, Park Row’s Chief Executive, added, “We wanted to enhance choice for our clients with IFA quality products and engage’s value for money focus really appealed. Although this is unchartered territory for us, we’re confident demand will be high and we’ll fully support all of our advisers so they can maximise this opportunity.”

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