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Friendly Society In New Brand Launch – Homeowners Engage’s New Identity

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Today Homeowners Friendly Society officially launched its new brand. The Harrogate-based provider of savings and insurance products said farewell to its old image with the full adoption of the Engage Mutual Assurance brand, complete with signage and literature.

Chief Executive Andrew Haigh said:

“We have been working towards this launch for some time now. Bringing this new brand to life is a great achievement, and maximising awareness of the change and the new identity is now one of our primary aims.

“In changing our name and brand identity we are outwardly demonstrating our significant progress in becoming a modern mutual with forward-thinking views and a greater drive to provide more value for our members. However, we have not lost sight of our Friendly Society heritage and remain focussed on our primary mission of enabling people to protect their welfare, by providing simple, value-for-money protection and savings products.”

Engage’s new site

The organisation today also launched a new internet site at www.engagemutual.com which lists its products and services as well as giving updates on press releases and other activity.

Engage Mutual Assurance is also one of the main providers of the Government’s Child Trust Fund (CTF) savings initiative, providing CTF accounts direct to the public through its dedicated website www.childtrustfund.com, and through a rapidly-growing network of partners. These include ASDA, Wanadoo (the UK’s largest internet portal), a range of major building societies including Yorkshire, Skipton and Scarborough, NAAFI Financial (which provides financial products to the British Armed Forces and their families), and the National Childbirth Trust.

A Child Trust Fund is a special savings account available to all children born on or after September 1, 2002. The Government is in the process of issuing each of these children a voucher for £250 or more (lower income families will get £500) to invest in a CTF – which will only be available through Inland Revenue approved providers.

Parents will be able to top the fund up by up to £1,200 per year and the growth on the money will be tax-free. Vouchers began going out to families from January 2005, with CTFs becoming available to invest in from earlier this month.