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Pride is an ongoing process

July 2021

Teddy Nyahasha, CEO

Although we’re now officially past Pride month, it’s not the case in Brighton – where I work.

The city traditionally marks Pride in August, so down here on the south coast my team is looking forward to summer long celebrations and OneFamily’s annual partnership with Brighton & Hove Pride.

However, for the second year, a number of the large-scale events and the Pride Parade have had to be put on hold. 

It’s disappointing and our lives will be that bit less colourful this year. These events, without a doubt, act as a focal point for all that Pride has achieved and will hopefully achieve. 

They are a regular spotlight that’s shone on inequality and have done so much to campaign for positive change and to fundraise for vital community projects.

So, I’m feeling reflective – especially in the wake of the sharing of life experiences by my colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community over the course of the last month.

Over the years we’ve seen a gradual awakening to inclusion and I’m so proud of all my colleagues and friends who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

As they’ve come out, I’ve seen a weight lifted from many of their shoulders and I have felt the terrible realisation of the burdens that they must have been carrying for so many years. To feel that you need to conceal the very essence of who you are must feel overwhelmingly difficult to reconcile. 

So, I’m so grateful for the societal changes that we have seen so far, that have allowed them to feel that they would be supported. However, there’s a necessary braveness in coming out that suggests that there is still much of a journey left to go.

From a personal perspective, Pride is not just something that happens once a year, it’s an ongoing process in which I seek to educate myself.

For me, passively tutting about prejudice and discrimination is not good enough – I’m an active ally and will call people out on bigotry and I am proud to do so. Regardless of who they are.

If you’re uncomfortable with that then you’ll be uncomfortable with me


Teddy is a strong supporter of diversity, inclusion and equality. A passionate believer in social mobility and financial inclusion; he is using his position as CEO of OneFamily to help the young, the disadvantaged and the marginalised to reach beyond their expectations. His view is that everyone in society should have the same opportunities to access financial products – regardless of their wealth.

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