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We support #10000BlackInterns

We’re supporting a campaign that will transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the UK.


#10000BlackInterns, which has the backing of former Prime Minister David Cameron, will offer paid work experience, training and development opportunities for young Black talent across a wide range of sectors over the course of five years from 2021.

We have signed up as a paid internship provider and have volunteered to support the Insurance Industry Steering Group – which will encourage other firms to participate in the programme, design an internship for the sector and drive the initiative forward.

Race at work

As a further commitment to diversity the company has also signed the Race at Work Charter, which calls on business leaders to thoroughly embed inclusion into their workplace cultures and to take steps to support ethnic minority career progression.

“We are a mutual with a strong social conscience, so supporting and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace is right at the heart of our ethos. It’s something we take extremely seriously.

“We want to be an active part of knocking down any social or economic barriers that prevent young black talent from reaching their full potential. So, we’re also offering our support on the delivery of the programme – we want this initiative to be a huge success and we believe that we have the energy, commitment and determination to make this happen.”

- Teddy Nyahasha, CEO of OneFamily

To find out more about #10000BlackInterns visit 10000blackinterns.com

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