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Recycled IT means brand new tech for Brighton school

We have donated ten laptops to the children of Moulsecoomb Primary School to help them with their studies.

As a financial organisation we have a regulatory obligation to dispose of our hard drives securely, so unfortunately we can’t just retrofit and redistribute our old tech to schools and charities.

We think it’s important to make sure that any other component parts are put to good use and don’t go to landfill, so we use a specialist company to help us with this. What’s even better is that the intrinsic value can then be used to buy brand new kit, which will help local children who are so desperately in need of equipment to be able to do their school-work.

We recycle our old IT equipment through a specialist company, gaining a rebate of around £30 for each piece of kit. Over the last two years enough money had been built-up to enable the purchase of ten chrome-books for the school.

The chrome-books are being used to support families with home-schooling since some have been struggling with one device between several children during the most recent lockdown.

Headteacher Adam Sutton said:

"We are extremely grateful to all at OneFamily for supporting the families of Moulsecoomb as they face the unexpected challenges of a global pandemic.

“The devices have allowed us to continue to provide remote, digital learning access to any child that needs it. As we begin to welcome more children back to school, we will use these devices to ensure continued access to our broad, balanced and exciting curriculum."

We hope that, even when the children are back in the classroom, the pupils of Moulsecoomb Primary will find these chrome-books useful in supporting their learning. It’s all part of our commitment to helping our local communities and inspiring better futures.

A young child using a laptop

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