Ways to engage with your community at Christmas

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 16 Dec 2013

You always know Christmas isn’t too far away when you turn on the television to see the annual Coke advert and hear the sound of sleigh bells and chimes ringing on the radio. Sometimes it can feel a bit too commercialised, but if you look out into your community you will see that the Christmas spirit is still very much alive. Here are 10 ways you can get more involved with your community over the festive period:

Cook for your neighbour

Do you ever have too much food at Christmas? Why not see if there is anyone in your community that could do with a nice hot meal. Maybe you have an elderly neighbour who can’t cook for themselves, rather than let food go to waste why not lend a helping hand or invite them round?

Volunteer at your local homeless shelter

Christmas is a long day so gather up your friends and family to help out at your local shelter. You can help by cooking or serving Christmas dinner to the homeless. Plus it’s a good way to burn off all that food! You can find a local shelter in your area by visiting Homeless UK.

Give to your local food bank

If you can’t spare time during this busy period then alternatively you can donate food. Help those in your community who are struggling this Christmas by donating to your local food bank. Speak to your neighbours or local organisations and turn it into a group initiative.

Carol singing

Warm up your vocal chords this winter by joining your local Carol Singing service. You can get into the festive spirit by singing your favourite Christmas songs, plus it’s also good way to meet new people within your community.

Attend local events

Support your community by attending a local event such as a Christmas fair or a Christmas Concert. These events are normally run for non-profit organisations so not only will you be contributing to a great cause, you will also have the perfect excuse to go out with your family and friends this festive season.

Visit a nursing home

Encourage your friends and family to make homemade Christmas cards or bake cakes for the residents. But make sure you call up beforehand so the nursing home can slot your visit in accordingly. A visit will always be welcomed and residents will be happy to see a new face or two.

Help fundraise for a local charity

Not only are you contributing towards a good cause, but you are also engaging with people. By volunteering it will give you an opportunity to attend group meetings and meet other members. This will encourage you to attend Christmas parties, coffee mornings, quiz nights and walks. It is a perfect opportunity to really get involved with your community.

Offer your skills

Whether you’re a trained plumber, an electrician or an accountant you can contribute your skills to your community this Christmas. Maybe an elderly neighbour needs help replacing a light bulb or if you’re a writer you could contribute your talent to a local organisation by helping them with a press release for an event. During this busy time people need help more than ever so why not use your skills and make a difference.

Join a local support group

Don’t spend Christmas alone, there is plenty of over 50s support, and support groups out there to get involved with. Whether you need help or advice or just someone to spend time with, support groups are a good way of getting out and about. Join a local group like Supporting Older People in Harrogate and enjoy a nice Christmas meal with new friends. Visit UK Local Councils to help you find a support group local to you.

There are lots of ways you can make a difference this festive season, however big or small. Christmas is a perfect time to engage with other people and spread some Christmas community cheer along the way!

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