Sanity saving tips for last minute Christmas shoppers

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 18 Dec 2014

It’s happened again! Every year you make a pact to yourself that you’ll get your Christmas shopping completed well in advance, yet every time you end up scrambling around for presents at the eleventh hour. But don’t panic, we’ve compiled a list of essential survival tips to get you through the last minute shopping dash.

Bring water

Before you even step out of the front door, make sure you're armed with a bottle of water. It's easy to feel dehydrated when you're darting from shop to shop and you'll save yourself from having to splash out on bottled drinks too.

Come prepared

Pacing up and down the book shop aisle trying to recite the title of a book you need to buy is the last thing you want to have to do when you're caught up in the mad rush. Create a methodical to-do list and make sure you add backup ideas in case you can't find your first choice. For extra ease, search for the presents online first and print off snapshots so you know exactly what to look out for.

Take regular breaks

Cramming your Christmas shopping into a small timeframe can be exhausting, which is why you need to take regular breaks. When you start feeling drowsy, stop off on a bench for a five minute breather or grab a quick coffee at a nearby café.

Wear suitable clothing

Make sure you're wearing suitable attire - it might be cold, but when you're rushing around with heaps of bags you can easily end up feeling overheated. Avoid doubling up on the layers and most importantly, wear comfortable footwear - you never know how long you'll be wandering around for.

Take advantage of free gift wrapping

If a store is providing a free gift wrapping service, take them up on their offer. Time-saving techniques are priceless in those final days before Christmas, and everyone enjoys receiving a professionally wrapped present.

Keep your cool

Wading through crowds of people in shopping centres can be frustrating, but don't give out the daggers. Remember that everyone's in the same boat and it's Christmas after all.

With these tips on your brain, you should be able to sail through your shopping trip without anyone knowing you left it until last minute!

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