Over 50s exercise

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 28 Oct 2015
Mature couple drinking water after exercising

As you get older, it's really important to maintain a healthy regime. While certain things like a balanced diet can go a long way to ensuring your insides stay happy and healthy, it's equally as important to maintain a healthy level of exercise to help tackle issues surrounding weight, muscle weakness or joint pain.

Helping you get the most out of your 50s, 60s and beyond, our guide to keeping fit and staying happy is designed with all abilities in mind; meaning that however old you are - or no matter how much you're against the idea - there's always an exercise for you to try!

Over 50s Zumba

Encouraging weight loss while offering a great alternative to the treadmill, there's nothing quite like Zumba when it comes to exercising and having fun. Designed with energetic men and women of a certain age in mind, over 50s Zumba has swept across the UK in the past twelve months – so why not head over to your nearest gym and see what all the fuss is about?

Inspired by the music of South America, the rhythmic dances and sunshine beats celebrated in every class will help to keep your muscles loose and your joints supple, which is perfect for anyone battling the pains of middle age!

Join a club

Maintaining a busy social calendar is just as important as regular exercise when heading towards retirement. And with social interaction proven to improve your general wellbeing, why not join a walking club and reap the benefits that a regular meet-up can bring to your life?

With loads of clubs currently up and running throughout the UK, there's no need to limit yourself to walking. From countryside hikers through to middle aged joggers, there's no better place to find out what's going on than at your local community centre – so strap on your walking boots and get signed up today!


Championed by organisations such as the NHS, the benefits associated with Pilates are staggering. While helping to improve posture, balance and joint mobility, Pilates also offers peace of mind and tranquility while reducing stress – which can help ease the risks of dangerous health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.

Offering a workout for both body and soul, Pilates can go a long way in maintaining your muscle flexibility as you get older – meaning there'll be no time to worry about niggling muscle pain as you tackle the garden for hours on end!

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