Over 50s Age of Happiness

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 05 Mar 2012

Many British people are at their happiest when in their fifties and above, our survey reveals.

Being in a strong relationship; having paid off the mortgage; and the children being happy and independent are key.  See below for the top ten factors for an over fifties golden age.


Whilst many may dread the advancing years, a surprising 44 per cent of over fifties say they are more content with their lives than ever before. They tend to be in a strong relationship and have paid off their mortgage.

This is not the case for all of those in this age group. Some still find life can be a struggle in their fifties and worry about their finances, their health, or their own children’s finances.

50 years young

With increased life expectancy, being 50 is considered to be relatively young these days. Those who have managed to stay healthy and have been able to plan their finances may start to feel the benefit.

There may be a bit more cash around to spend on holidays and hobbies, rather than working just to pay debts or the mortgage.

Many parents experience relief when their own children settle down and they can start to focus on themselves and their own interests a bit more.

Life in perspective

Our survey reveals 52 per cent enjoy having more time on their hands, with more than a fifth enjoying a great social life and good circle of friends.

Things they used to worry about when in their twenties and thirties no longer seem so important for 85 per cent of those over 50.

Over a third say they are no longer troubled by whether they are good looking or thin.

Top 10 factors for a contented golden age

  1. In relatively good health
  2. Have more time to enjoy life
  3. In a relatively good financial position
  4. Relationship is stronger than ever
  5. Comfortable with body
  6. Happy with life achievements so far
  7. Mortgage is paid off
  8. Know what you want from life
  9. Children are happy and content with their lives
  10. Take lots of holidays

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