Kids' marathons and mini races

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 16 Sep 2015
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Running around in the playground, playing tag and stuck in the mud, taking part in good old-fashioned sports days; life gives children plenty of opportunity to have a run about. But with plenty of health benefits to be had, could there be more you could do to encourage your children to hit the ground running?

If your children have the knack for running, and want to test their running legs with a race, there are plenty of opportunities for them to give it a go. Competitive races for adults such as marathons and 10ks often run smaller events alongside for the littler legs to compete in.
Normally, the children's events are organised just as well as the adult's, meaning there's race numbers, opportunities to fundraise for charity, and more often than not a medal for the winner! Often titled a 'mini-marathon' or similar, they're great events to get involved in, particularly with groups of friends.

A little preparation

If a race is something your children want to get involved in, it's a great idea to get into a training routine. This is something other members of the family can enjoy too, taking on a united approach to family fitness! You can map your routes together, and even inspire a little friendly competition with a family relay race.
Another way to encourage budding athletes is to find a local athletics club for children. This way, they can access proper running tracks, and even have a go at less readily-accessible sports such as hurdles, long-jump, discus and even javelin.

An athletic role model

Having a role model can really inspire children to take part. The athletics scene nowadays is a pretty great one, meaning children can look up to the well-trained, high achieving athletes we're seeing on our screens. What's more, if your little ones see you getting involved in sports early on, they'll have their very own role model right there!

Attend a race

Another excellent way to inspire your children is to attend a race as a spectator. You'll soon notice how easy and fun it is to get wrapped up in the excitement of a competition, and learn what a big difference a huge cheer from the crowd can make!

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