Keeping out the chill - top tips for staying cosy this winter

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 04 Nov 2015
Warming mulled drinks in front of a fireplace

With the weather well and truly turned to cold, wrapping up has never been more important, but there's only so many jumpers you can put on before you simply have to turn that heating up. Thankfully, in this blog post we're looking at ways you can keep the family warm without spending more than you're comfortable with on heating this winter.

Get wrapped up!

While this may be the first thing you turn to, there's more ways than wearing woolly jumpers to keep out the chill while you're at home. Think fluffy bed socks, warming your bed up with a hot water bottle and even investing in a few light vests. Thermal underwear can be a great warmth-saver throughout the day - especially if you know you're going to be sat for long periods of time.

Keeping the heat

While it's not the best option to have your heating on all the time, there are ways you can make the most of the heat while you've got it. Gaps under doors, windows and other areas of the house such as keyholes and letter boxes are common places where the heat can escape, and while it may seem like an old-fashioned option, using draught excluders is a great way to prevent this - in this instance, the old ways are certainly the best!

Why not get your family involved in keeping the heat in this winter? You could even set challenges for the little ones to hunt around the house on their very own "draught-watch" - making sure to report any instances of that pesky cold breeze getting in!

Close those curtains

While you might not find them the most fashionable of home accessories, thick curtains can do wonders for keeping in your heat, and stopping any cold air from getting through. This article from Netmums explains how you could even temporarily fix thicker curtains to the insides of your external doors - an excellent way to keep out the chill! If you don't want to replace your current curtains, you can buy special linings to sew into the back of your existing ones, so you can benefit from them being both draught-excluding and great-looking!

Eat up and stay warm

A lot of keeping yourselves warm and well this winter can be accounted for by eating well. The Met Office advises to plan hot meals as well as keeping yourself warm with hot drinks throughout the day. Eating well can help you when it comes to guarding yourself against winter colds, so make sure you're stocked up with plenty of the good stuff!

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