How to get better connected where you live in 2014

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 02 Jan 2014

As you’re running around trying to stay on top with everyday life, it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s going on in your area. Maybe you want to do more but you’re not sure how? To help, we’ve put together some useful ideas on how you can get better connected and make a difference where you live:

Read about it

Next time you are out and about, keep an eye out for any activities or events that you could get involved with. You never know, it might just inspire you to try something new like attending a jazz night or joining a Zumba class. Getting out and about is great way of meeting other locals who share a common interest.

Use neighbourly

neighbourly is a great social networking site which connects volunteers and sponsors with local community projects. Sign up to neighbourly and find out what inspiring projects you can get involved with in 2014.

Get in the know

Find out the latest area news by using a website called Neighbourhood Watch. Just pop in your postcode and find lots of information such as local schemes, police priorities, crimes and outcomes and news. It is a brilliant tool to let you know of any local meetings in your area where you can contribute and have a say.

Be a pioneer

Have you noticed something in your neighbourhood that you think you could change? Such as cleaning up the local park or planting flowers in your elderly neighbour’s garden. If there isn’t a local project already going, why not start one? Don’t be afraid to be the first to start a project in your area. For tips on how to get a community project started, follow this link.

Use Social Media

Interaction via social media gives you a voice and a chance to be heard. It can also help inspire others to raise awareness and inspire them to improve their local area. Shout out about your neighbourhood through social media and find others that want to get involved. Even if you simply help to spread the news, every little counts. So next time you see a post about a project/funding in your local area, like it, share it, tweet it! For more information on how social media could benefit you.

By keeping a look out of what’s going on, you can start getting more involved in the things that matter to you the most. Even if you don’t have time to start a project from scratch, you can still support your neighbourhood in different ways. So why not start being an advocate for your area today and see what difference you can make?

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