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How one customer got engage with your community funding for her volunteer helpline

Would £5,000 make a big difference to a community project you’re involved with? Find out how Engage Mutual customer Hillary Linsey got funding for a helpline by applying for engage with your community funding.

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Hillary, 70, has volunteered at her local branch of charity, Cruse Bereavement Care in Cambridge, for over 20 years. The charity supports people when someone dies.

To get funding

In 2012 Hillary successfully won funding worth £5,000 from Engage Mutual. The engage with your community funding helped improve Cambridge Cruse’s helpline service, by replacing an out-of-date telephone system. It also bought a new computer. Staff at Engage Mutual also funded publicity material to let people know about the new phone line number.

Funding for projects

“The funding meant the system, which was in desperate need of updating and improving, was replaced,“ says Hillary. “We can now offer speedier processes and ensure the helpline is operational for its advertised five days a week.

“We provide a wonderful service that’s really valued. I feel privileged and honoured to be part of it.”

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