Fit at fifty

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 29 Jun 2012

A surprising number of over fifties feel fitter and healthier than when they were in their early adulthood. With fewer family responsibilities, greater health awareness, and more time on their hands, it seems that for some, turning fifty can be a new beginning.

In our survey of 1,500 over fifties, 17 per cent said they feel fitter and healthier now than when they were younger.

More exercise

Of these ‘fit over fifties’, 70 per cent claim they now do more exercise and pay more attention to their diet.  They exercise four times a week on average, and three quarters eat the recommended ‘5 a day’ of fruit and vegetables.

Top five motivators

So what prompted them to exercise more?  Below are the top five exercise motivators for our fit over fifties:

  1. Experiencing weight gain
  2. Looking forward to an active retirement
  3. Wanting to stay fit for grandchildren
  4. Exercise becoming an important part of social life
  5. A worrying health scare

Male and female life expectancy

With current life expectancy predictions (82 for today’s 65 year old man, and 85 for today’s 65 year old woman), set to rise further, it seems that staying fit and healthy in later life will become more important, and potentially even more rewarding.

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