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Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 20 Mar 2014

Blogs are commonly used as online diaries - where people can share their experiences, observations and opinions. They got off to a slow start when they first popped up in the 1990s, but now it is estimated that there are over 110 million blogs. Much like social media platforms, blogs are no longer just a young person’s game. More and more over 50s are sharing their life experiences through this medium.

Not only is it a great way to meet new like-minded people, it’s also a useful tool for staying in touch with your loved ones. Blogs are a quick and easy way for your friends and family to see what you’ve been up to, especially if they live in different time zones where phone calls can be difficult. To show you what we mean, we’ve scoured the blogosphere and found some brilliant blogs for you to share and enjoy.

Nuts in May

Retired grandmother and garden enthusiast Maggie May, shares with us a weekly summary of her daily activities. From trips out with her grandchildren to movie reviews, Maggie’s light-hearted posts can make for a short and amusing read.

Clouds and Silvery Linings

Eddie is an ex-ambulance man and his topics range from the humorous to the very serious. Having lost his wife recently, Eddie writes about his loss in a series of beautiful prose.

As I was saying to my friend the other day…

Barry describes himself as “One of the golden generation. Free milk, free sex, free university education and a grant. Inflation proofed pension, no mortgage and hated by all. In spite of all that my wife says I’m a lovely fella.” Read his weekly post for ramblings about Tennyson, gardening and the weather.

Our New Life in the Country

Follow Sue’s visually engaging blog about her life in North Wales. With her growing brood of cats, dogs and chickens, prepare to gush over her extremely cute animal pictures. Not to mention her handy DIY tips that may well inspire you.

Chelmarsh Chunterings

If you’re always on a look out for hearty‘home cooked’ recipes to add to your portfolio, you’lll love this blog. Karen reveals her top baking secrets, accompanied with mouth-watering photos. The grandmother of two from Shropshire loves to cook from scratch and grow her own vegetables.

Life After Money

This blog is written by a retired lorry driver going by the name ‘Meanqueen’. Her blog is all about living retirement on a shoestring and learning to budget. From car boot bargains to low cost recipes, read her savvy money saving tips that might just save you a penny or two.

Grumpy Old Ken

Far from grumpy, Ken’s blog makes for a humorous read that is sure to make you chuckle. Always looking on the bright side of life, the retired teacher often dips into nostalgia, sharing funny stories from his past that you may well relate to.

SFT’S Life After Mortgage

This blog is about ‘life after mortgage freedom, saving hard for travel experiences and early retirement’. If you need travel inspiration, then this is the blog for you. The ex-teacher, who goes by the name of ‘STF’ is currently saving up for her next big trip to Japan in April.

We hope you enjoyed this small selection of blogs - if we missed your favourite or you’d  like to share your own blog, please let us know by tweeting us @onefamily or visiting our facebook page.

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