Detox Yourself

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 17 Dec 2015
Child with kale and a healthy smoothie

After a particularly indulgent December, there's no better time than the new year to have a bit of a health-refresh. All that heavy food over the Christmas break can leave you feeling a little sluggish, and while it's tempting to stick to the puddings, chocolates and cheese courses for just a little bit longer, a diet shake-up can sometimes be in order.

A fresh start

It's often assumed that you can only get the tastiest fresh fruit and veg in summer, but that's not necessarily true. January is a great month for super vitamin-packed veggies such as butternut squash, leeks, turnips and sweet potatoes, as well as healthy fruits such as clementines, pears and kiwis - all excellent for keeping in tip-top health this winter.
Kiwis in particular are a really good fruit to get into the habit of eating in winter. They're packed full of vitamin C - essential for helping you ward of any colds that are doing the rounds!

A convenient method

More often than not, fruits and vegetables are omitted from our diets because they require a little bit of preparation before you can eat them. But long gone are the days of boiling sprouts for hours before tucking in - nowadays, it's all about the raw ingredients, and drinking your veg is certainly in fashion!
There are plenty of quick-and-easy blenders on the market at the minute, with a particular focus on those designed for people who are constantly on the go. You can even keep a stock of perishable fruits such as blueberries in your freezer, ready to quickly add to the freshly-thawed veg in your smoothie maker whenever you please - the perfect way to get your five-a-day quickly!

Mix things up

Excellent ingredients for smoothies include blueberries, celery, bananas, and even a dollop of live yoghurt for that extra-delicious finish. More ingredients go into smoothies to make delicious drinks than you might first expect, and BBC Good Food has some excellent recipes with ingredients such as avocado, spinach, and even vitamin-packed kale. Take a look here.

Keeping it warm

Smoothies are an excellent choice for quick on-the-go health, but what about when you just need a little warming up? It's mega-easy to get those vitamins involved in a soup or stew - and for an extra filling portion, lentils make the perfect accompaniment. Take a look at some top recipes for healthy soups and stews on the Martha Stewart site.

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