British exercise more

Posted in: Wellbeing Last updated: 29 Jun 2012

The British have doubled the amount of time they spend exercising since this time last year, it was revealed this month (October 2010).

Twelve months ago Britons exercised twice a week on average, but this has now increased to four times a week, a new survey shows.

But the hard work is already paying off.  Forty seven per cent of people reckon they feel happier with their body than they have been for years and are enjoying compliments on how much better they look.

Exercise motivators

A desire to lose weight was the most common reason given for increasing exercise levels.

Top 10 reasons for upping the exercise:

  1. To lose weight
  2. Just to keep fit
  3. Worried about long term health
  4. To be fit and healthy for the sake of the children
  5. To prolong life expectancy as much as possible
  6. To ward off / reduce a beer belly
  7. To set a good example to the children
  8. Keeping fit to play another sport
  9. To get back into pre-pregnancy shape
  10. Back on the dating scene

The good news survey shows an increased commitment to exercising and keeping fit in Britain.  In fact it shows that many are even bettering the levels of physical exercise recommended by the government for general health.

Most preferred exercise: walking

The most common form of exercise taken by 52 per cent of Brits is walking; almost a third hit the gym regularly; and 29 per cent jog.

Home exercise videos are also a popular choice for 14 per cent of people.

Indeed, 46 per cent of people say they prefer walking, jogging and exercise videos, due to money being tight.  This type of exercise was also rated as more convenient by almost a quarter of those surveyed.

The beauty of walking is that it can be incorporated into daily routines without too much upheaval.  Making small changes, like replacing a regular car journey with a brisk walk, can have a cumulative benefit, and even save money.

We’re used to hearing about the beneficial effects of exercise; for the heart, for improved muscle strength and flexibility, and for helping with weight management. But it’s also a great stress buster and people find that when they up their exercise levels, they have more energy for life in general.

A quarter of parents stated they would like to be fit and healthy for the sake of their children.

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