8 useful apps to help you stay healthy in 2014

Posted in: Wellbeing

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by using your smartphone or tablet to monitor your health. Whilst you might not immediately connect apps to keeping fit, you would be surprised at how many useful downloads there are out there to help keep you on track. Here are 8 apps to keep you motivated in 2014:

1. My FitnessPal (free)

Wanting to lose weight but losing track? This calorie counter and diet tracker app can help you manage your diet. List the foods that you have eaten and let myfitnesspal calculate how many calories you have consumed. This popular app believes in helping their users lose weight in a healthy way by simply tracking the food they eat. The site also has a community aspect where users can meet new friends and share weight loss goals.

2. yogastretch (free)

Stretch out this January with this interactive yoga app. A virtual instructor will talk you through a 60 minute session allowing you to do yoga whenever or wherever you want. And you needn’t be an expert, detailed descriptions and pictures will help aid novices and pros alike through each session.

3. Can I Eat It? (£1.99)

Do you have a dairy or gluten intolerance? Next time you go shopping, use this app to scan the any barcode and it will list the ingredients for you, saving you time. It also has a ‘Veggie Expert’ tool which is great news for vegetarian users. The only downfall is the price of £1.99 but it might be money well spent if it means less hassle on your next shopping trip.

4. Complete Relaxation Lite (free)

Do you sometimes find yourself getting stressed? Try to de-stress and relax with this calming app that is a favourite with many users. The soothing voice promises to help you let go and unwind.

5.Weightbot (£1.19)

Weighbot is a weight-tracking app that is easy to use. Monitor your weight loss (and gain) and set yourself a goal. You can view your BMI and track your progress on a graph. There is a cost of £1.49 but many users have left it sparkling reviews suggesting that its money well spent.

6. Be Food Smart (free)

If you want some new meal ideas and to lose a few pounds at the same time, then this could be the app for you. This NHS tool is completely free and brimming with lots of healthy meal recipes. It has received rave reviews from its users claiming that the meals are “simple, healthy and delicious. “It also has a useful shopping list function to make life a little easier!”

7. Fitness Buddy (free)

No time to go to the gym? This app functions as a gym instructor so you can exercise and tone up in the comfort of your own home. It offers an extensive list of exercises for all major equipment with over 75 workout routines for men and women. You can also record your body metrics and track your progress as well as build your own work routines.

8. Mapmyrun (free)

Record your run to help you keep track of your time and progress. You can measure how far you have run and at what pace to keep you motivated. It is a popular app that receives great reviews. Some of our staff here at Engage Mutual took part in the Abbey Dash 10k run last year and found the app really useful!

As with anything exercise-related you might want to consult your GP if you have any medical conditions before hitting download. Health apps are a great way of helping you take control of your wellbeing, be it mind, body or soul!

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