5 easy ways to break the routine

Posted in: Wellbeing

It’s easy to keep putting things off but how many of us ever really get round to doing them? Next week, we tell ourselves, which inevitably turns into Next month or even Next Year. Before you know it the exhibition you wanted to see is finished, or summer is over and you didn’t go for that barefoot walk along the beach.

The missed opportunities and experiences are something that always play on our minds, but that doesn’t stop us from delaying and rescheduling on a regular basis.  There are ways you can break this pattern and make sure you don’t take that rain check even though the sun is shining.

Here are just five of the things you can do today that will change your tomorrow.

1. Don’t count your favourite TV program as a reason to stay home

Eliminate activities that can easily be caught up on another time as a reason to miss those that can’t. Great British Bake Off might be aired on Wednesday nights but that’s also when the cookery course you want to take is on and it isn’t so easy to catch on demand.  Swapping the ordinary for the irregular can enrich your future (and there will always be repeats of GBBO).

2. Don’t say no

It wouldn’t be sensible to agree to everything, but start picking your “Nos” more wisely.  The next time someone suggests something that you didn’t have planned in don’t say no before even considering it.  You may be feeling a little tired or have made plans to clean the kitchen, but it’s easy to dust off the cobwebs for a few hours or reschedule your spring cleaning.  You never know, that new cuisine could end up becoming your favourite or that afternoon at the art gallery could inspire a rewarding new hobby.

3. Make plans after you arrive

Been meaning to get out of the city or visit somewhere new?  Don’t mull it over, just get in the car, book a train ticket, hop on a bus, whatever it takes, just go!  Make plans after you arrive.  Wander, explore, drift.  You’ll most likely end up stumbling across a hidden gem that rigid planning done weeks in advance would have stopped you from discovering.

4. Put your inner monologue on mute

We talk ourselves out of so much by over-thinking consequences or running through repercussions, none of which usually end up coming into fruition.  Your spontaneous decisions don’t have to be reckless or poorly considered and it’s unlikely that your actions will have the negative results you imagine.  Living in the moment can be exhilarating so mute that inner monologue and make the most of life.

5. Invite a new acquaintance round for dinner

Whether it’s the neighbour who moved in last year, or that new person at work you had a good chat with the other day, inviting someone new into your life can be a breath of fresh air. Starting up a new friendship can be daunting but can also be rewarding and refreshing and there’s no better way to kick things off than with an impromptu dinner party.

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