How much are the most insured bodies in the world worth?

Posted in: Finance Last updated: 04 Jul 2014

Throughout history, celebrities and athletes have made headlines for insuring their body parts. We’ve already discussed Tom Jones insuring his infamous chest hair against alopecia (although how much impact his chest has on his career these days is debatable!) but he’s far from the only celebrity to put a price on his body – and the sums insured are a far cry from a standard life insurance policy! So what figure have some of our favourite celebrities put on their most valuable body parts?

Teeth: £4 million

Most of us might be more likely to use our celebrity fortune for dental surgery, but comedian Ken Dodd is rumoured to have insured his buck teeth against damage – or correction – for a sum of £4 million, since they’re his most distinctive feature, and an integral part of his act.

Hands: £7 million

Legendary rocker Jeff Beck is known best for using his fingers instead of a plectrum when he’s playing complicated riffs… but also for slicing his own carrots. In 2009, he managed to chop off the tip of one of his fingers whilst preparing his dinner; it had to be sewn back on and the resulting injury delayed the release of his album. As a result, he took out a policy of £700,000 per finger just in case they suffer any further mishaps.

Lower down the hand-insurance scale, Rolling Stone Keith Richards is said to have had his hands insured for $2 million – if we’d written some of rock-n-roll’s most famous songs, we might be tempted to do the same!

Vocal chords: £9 million

Bruce Springsteen’s gravelly voice is instantly recognisable to all – and if he loses it, instead of miming to “Born in the USA” he’ll be in receipt of a cool $6 million. That seems like an expensive sore throat until you realise that Rod Stewart has set the bar even higher and has insured his own vocal chords for $15.5 million; over £9,000,000.

Taste buds: £10 million

These days, Angela Mount is a wine and food writer/presenter, but back in 2003 when she was working as a senior wine buyer for Somerfield, the supermarket chain insured her nose and taste buds for £10,000,000 after she did such a good job that wine sales increased by 15%. Part of the terms and conditions of Angela’s policy were that she had to avoid dangerous sports and wasn’t allowed to smoke.

Legs: £90 million

Legs are some of the most regularly insured body parts, and there are often reports of supermodels, singers and actresses taking out huge policies on theirs. Betty Grable was one of the first to do this – for $1 million per leg, and Tina Turner upped the stakes by putting a price of $3,200,000 on hers. But for footballers, a leg injury can spell the end of their careers, so when we heard David Beckham’s legs were insured for over £40 million we were hardly surprised. As his career expanded to include modelling, so did his insurance policy – which is now worth £100 million and includes insurance against disfigurement to his good looks or torso. Over in Spain, Real Madrid insured Christiano Ronaldo’s legs for £90 million back in 2009, after he suffered a minor knee injury; makes sense, since they’d signed the player for a record £80m just two months previously!

Celebrities insuring their bodies can sometimes seem like a bit of a stunt to get people talking about them (or their body part in question!). But when you make your money primarily off your looks or need a physical asset in order to perform your job properly, it can make sense to insure parts of yourself against injury – just in case you can’t work any longer.

If you were going to insure part of your body, what do you think it would be?

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