Have yourself a penny-saving Christmas

Posted in: Finance Last updated: 04 Nov 2015
Father pulling children along in a sledge in the snow

Providing an unforgettable treasure trove of memories is sure to be top of every parent's wish list whenever Christmas comes around. And yet as the years have passed, many families have found themselves counting the coppers by the end of the holidays as expensive presents, fancy decorations and luxury foods chip away at even the most affluent bank balances.

This year, why not try beating those January blues and give your family a Christmas that they'll treasure forever without breaking the bank? In this guide, we take a look at some of our favourite Christmas activities that you can do with the family, safe in the knowledge that it won't be costing the earth!

We're Baking!

Watching the kids' faces light up whenever they hear you say 'we're baking!' is something that never gets old. This Christmas, why not try to add a little festive element to the kitchen by channelling your inner Santa and employing your very own little helpers to create the perfect Christmas pudding? With all that extra magic in the mix, you may well find your recipe makes it all the way to the table come December 25th!

Santa's Grotto

The joy that your family will get from visiting Santa's grotto will far outweigh the loss of a couple of pound coins – so why not head over to your local garden centre, toy shop or park to spend a few minutes with Father Christmas himself? As the kids reveal their yearly struggle to stay off the naughty list, most grottos will exchange your pound coins for a couple of gifts – which should go some way to keeping the little ones entertained on the car ride home!

Wintery Walks

Remaining active over the Christmas period can feel like a real bind at times. However, by taking the kids on a wintery walk, you'll be able to put in some quality hours with the family while burning a few calories at the same time. To make your snowy stroll one that you'll treasure forever, be sure to take a camera along and capture the family as they enjoy a snowball fight or friendly game of hide and seek.

Crafty Christmas

Rather than buying your Christmas cards this year, it might be a good idea to try making your own. For the sake of £10, you'll be able to buy all the tools, materials and accessories you'll ever need – which gives you one less thing to worry about the next time you're caught short without a card!

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