Setting a good example

Posted in: Family Last updated: 20 Dec 2011

When children enter our life, we change our priorities to meet their best interests. Looking after children’s health comes high on the list and research suggests that this triggers adults to take their own health and fitness more seriously. According to our study of 2,000 parents, 63 percent of them believe they adopted a healthier lifestyle following the birth of their child.

Healthy role models

Actions speak louder than words and it’s no surprise that 85 percent of people we polled are aware it is important to set a good example for their children to follow. Parents are adopting a ‘practice what you preach’ attitude to food such as ‘eating your greens’ and more than half have experimented with foods they wouldn’t have tried prior to having children. Some parents are health conscious because they worry about their children being over weight and many wanted to keep healthy to see their children grow up.

Adults are also inspired to eat more healthily as a result of cooking healthy meals for their young ones. From cutting down on takeaway meals, unhealthy snacks and alcohol; to cooking from scratch and reading ingredients labels when shopping, parents have introduced a range of healthier habits.

Exercise more

Whether it’s visiting the local swimming pool or venturing out on a bike ride, our survey showed that parenthood has encouraged adults to become more active with 46 percent of new mums and dads taking up more exercise since having a child than they did before.

Not all parents are staying healthy out of choice though. Busy lifestyles are making an impact and 24 percent of the people we polled said they simply don’t have the time to go out partying anymore. Other adults have introduced healthy regimes to recharge their energy levels in order to keep up with the family.

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