Keeping the family busy this half-term

Posted in: Family Last updated: 21 Oct 2015
Image of grandmother entertaining children with craft activities

Half-term? Already? Surely not! Believe it or not the school year is flying by yet again, and the October half term is fast-approaching. So aside from the fact that this means it's really not long until Christmas, the children are going to have to be kept entertained for a week. Fear not, parents! We've created this handy blog post to do the hard work for you; simply read on and pick your favourite ideas to keep the family busy this half-term.

Days in

At this time of year, the weather's not exactly the most reliable. While sunny but chilly autumn days can be oh-so beautiful, the odd stormy day is not unheard of. That's why we're planning for all eventualities this half-term.

Spending the day making quirky crafts, or even Halloween decorations, is the ideal rainy-day activity. Simply gather equipment from around your home such as kitchen roll tubes, cardboard boxes and paper, as well as a few paints, and your little ones could soon be making a masterpiece! This pasta skeleton from Martha Stewart really shows that you needn't buy-in specifically for an afternoon of crafting.

Of course, just because it's raining doesn't mean you're confined to the house. Why not go out for a day indoors at a nearby museum or gallery event? The Guardian features a great article listing the top museums and art galleries to take your family too - what's more, they're all free! Take a look at the article here.

Days out

On those occasionally beautiful, crisp autumn days, getting wrapped up and heading out is a great way to keep the family occupied. Even if you're just heading out for a stroll around your local park, take along a Frisbee, tennis ball and not forgetting the dog, and you'll all soon be suitably worn out from the day.

The National Trust hosts several events throughout the year, many of which you may like to get involved in during half-term. You can take a look at the Halloween-themed or not-so-spooky events here, and start planning your day out now!

Days to yourself

With all the family time going on over half-term, sometimes saving a little bit of space for some me-time can help you to relax too. How about arranging either a sleepover with relatives or a slumber party for a group of friends for your little ones? There's sure to be other parents feeling the same way as you are towards the end of the school break, so why not strike up a plan so you can all enjoy a little time to yourselves?

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