How can you maintain your social life with a young family?

Posted in: Family Last updated: 17 Aug 2015

As many of us know, having children is a wonderful, life-changing experience. We begin to see the world through new eyes - and it can open our minds to countless new ideas and experiences. Having young children may lead us to readdress our social lives, but there's no reason not to maintain and even build new friendships throughout your child's formative years.

From joining local family-friendly groups and community activities to organising childcare to allow you to socialise without youngsters by your side, here we'll explore some of the ways you can maintain your social life with a young family.

Activities with other families

If you have young children, it's likely that you'll know other families with children of the same age. Whether they are close family friends or it's a parent you've met at a local playgroup, why not organise some family-friendly activities with them? Visit an attraction, go for a meal, do some baking or take the kids to the local park together. It'll give you a chance to socialise, and give your children the opportunity to get to know one another too.

Local children's groups

Encourage your children to join activity groups and the benefits are threefold – it will give your children the chance to make new friends and learn new skills, and it'll help to widen your social circle too. Regular playgroups that introduce children to music, art and play are a great first step, and as your children grow a little older, it's worth finding out about other activity groups and clubs in your area.

Swimming classes are a chance for your children to learn a life skill, and give you time to catch up with other parents. Perhaps you have a community-run swimming pool in your area? The Farnborough Fins and Stamford Bridge community swimming pools are great examples of pools that offer lessons and directly benefit the local community. 

Similarly, community sport facilities such as the Witham Hall Gymnastics Club are great places for your children to get active, learn new skills for you both to meet others, as well as showing support for locally-run amenities in your neighbourhood.

Get involved in a local cause!

Perhaps there's a local cause both you and your children can be directly involved in? Woodlands community garden in Harrogate gives individuals, families and community groups the chance to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and get their hands dirty!

Bramley Baths community garden in Leeds encourages locals to help water and tend to the plants, and there's the opportunity to learn about how the different types of fruit and vegetables are grown. Projects such as this are a great way to get to know others in your community, and teach your little ones a thing or two! It's worth doing a little research to see how you – and your kids – can do your bit for the community.


It's only healthy to take a little time out now and again to do the activities you enjoyed before you had children. So whether you ask a family member, a friend, or a close neighbour to babysit, it'll give you a worthwhile break to relax and catch up with friends or take part in a hobby you love. You don't have to plan a full day out – even a quick coffee may be all it takes to help maintain your social life.

For more inspiration about local initiatives your family can take part in, why not take a look at the some of the fantastic projects supported by OneFamily?

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