Celebrate grandparents whatever day it is

Posted in: Family Last updated: 16 Sep 2015
Grandparent with grandchild

National Grandparents' Day is the perfect opportunity to show every generation of your family how much you appreciate them. But you don’t need a National day to celebrate. Why not take a look at our suggestions for ways to celebrate your loved ones, whatever day it is?

Days out

Great days out with the grandparents are the things memories are made of. Whether it's a walk in the park with the pooch, a trip to the seaside or a simple stroll through a new village - there's history, culture and a whole lot of fun to be had right here in the UK.

One family that knows the benefits of a great day out - both for the grandchildren and their parents - is Raymond Taylor's family. Raymond and his family received one of our personal grants; you can find out more about their story here.

If you need a little inspiration for places to go, Grandparents Club has some great suggestions for trips out with the family, including a number of in and outdoor options.

Days in

A day spent indoors can be just as enjoyable as one spent venturing into the great outdoors. Simply dedicating a little time to enjoy being together can go a long way. We're thinking, getting out your favourite board games, picking up a new card game, or even settling down to enjoy a classic film or two.

Baking and making together is another great way to spend an afternoon. Why not have a go at creating some of your favourite recipes with your grandchildren? Nothing beats a good classic bake!

Homemade gifts

A homemade gift from a little one is something grandparents will surely love to receive. Whether it's a whole painting or a simple card - nothing says it better than one made from scratch. There are plenty of homemade crafts children can make from recycling bits and pieces around the home too. Pinterest provides plenty of inspiration on where to start!

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