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Detox Your Home

Once the festive dust has settled in your home, and you’re left with the remnants of wrapping paper, Christmas crackers and a tired-out family, you’ll know the time has come to give your home a bit of a detox. We’re not talking juice-fasts and special teas, we’re talking space saving, recycling and making room to welcome a brand new year into your home.

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Making space

While it takes great guts to venture out into the January sales, you might just find yourself reaping the rewards around your home if you do. The sales are a great time to invest in a little something for your house, and in the interest of making space, storage bargains are an excellent thing to shop for.

Look for shelves, compact drawers and under-bed storage – January is the ideal time to have a thorough sort out, so make the most of it! Vacuum packaging is a great option too, particularly when the seasons start to change and it’s time to put away your winter clothes.

While after Christmas the little ones in your house are bound to want to have their brand new toys on display for all to see, now’s a great time to instil a sense of tidiness before the joy of Christmas wears off. If keeping your home a clutter-free space is a team effort, it’s sure to stay that way a little longer.

Go green in the New Year

There’s bound to be plenty of packaging and wrapping to be recycled in your home at this time of year, so why not develop a new system and continue the recycling fun throughout the year? There are more ways your household can become a little greener than by just recycling your waste. Buying recycled products in the first place can be a big help. Items such as toilet and kitchen roll, as well as stationery items like printer paper, are available to buy as recycled.

With the influx of new toys Santa brings at this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity to drop off a few older ones at your local charity shop. The same goes for any clothes you no longer wear. Your cupboards are sure to look better for it, while you can start the year off with a good deed!

Tips on keeping tidy

More often than not over the festive season, having guests equals plenty of mess. And while it’s an inevitable result of all the merriment, here we provide a few tips on keeping your house presentable when you’d rather just chill with a mulled wine!

  • Put away any breakables – especially if your guests include boisterous toddlers!
  • Go minimalist on Christmas decorations – a lot of tinsel, garlands and stockings can leave your home feeling cluttered. Go for elegantly minimal decorations, and you’ll appreciate the free space.
  • Get the kids involved! In return for a small Christmas treat, set the children small tasks and the tidying will be done in no time.
  • Don’t be afraid to instil the “no-go zone”. Keep your party guests in one area of the house (for example, downstairs only), and your cleaning list becomes half as long!

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