Celebrating Women

Posted in: Family Last updated: 03 Mar 2016
Mother figure with her daughter's hands over her eyes playing guess who

From Beyoncé to grandmothers, influential women are everywhere, and this month we're taking the opportunity to well and truly celebrate them. Whether it's Mother's Day ideas or looking at influential women in the financial services sector, there's plenty to celebrate!

In the spotlight: Dr Ros Altmann

This month, we're shining the spotlight on influential women in the financial services sector, notably, Dr Ros Altmann. Ros Altmann is perhaps best-placed within the UK to provide advice on pensions and retirement, having established a successful career making financial information more accessible, readily available, and more importantly - clear - to those that need it most.

Ros has won numerous awards for her work in the financial services sector, she's recently been appointed as the Minister for Pensions with the Department for Work and Pensions, and perhaps most notably set up the Pensions Theft Action Group as part of a campaign to gain compensation for those who lost their pensions due to a government error that began in 2002.

Among the many accolades attributed to Dr Ros Altmann is the CBE, which she was made in 2014 for her services in the pension provision and services to pensioners. You can read more about her success in this sector by reading Dr Ros Altmann's blog.

Mother's Day

Sunday March 6 is all about celebrating those that have raised us (and maybe enjoying a little appreciation yourself). It's a great opportunity to give a little thanks for all that our mother figures do for us, so whether you're celebrating your mum, auntie, grandma, or anyone else, here are a few ideas for how you can treat them this year: 

A simple surprise

Whether it's breakfast in bed, a home-cooked meal or even a takeaway on you, little surprises that make the day a bit simpler are always a treat. 

A special gift

Chocolates, jewellery, a bouquet? However you treat them this year, just make sure it's considered - or at least not a last-minute dash to the shops on Saturday night!

A memory

The great thing about days such as Mother's Day is you can often be a little more sentimental with your gifts. How about collating your favourite photos into an album to share with your loved one, or even planning a day to spend together, creating more memories as you do?

International Women's Day

Shortly after Mothering Sunday comes International Women's Day on Tuesday 8 March. The day is recognised around the world for celebrating women everywhere, along with the achievements they've made across a broad variety of sectors. The theme for this year's celebration is 'pledge for parity' - something that's of great importance both here in the UK and across the world.

It means the day will be focused on working towards equality between men and women, finding an equal balance between the genders in all aspects of life. For example, supporters may choose to encourage this balance in areas such as working life, or everyday values at home. You can find out more about this year's theme here.
To mark International Women's Day, there are plenty of events happening up and down the country that you can get involved in. You can browse these events on the International Women's Day website, as well as find out what you can do to raise awareness and help the cause.

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