Top five heritage sites to visit with your family

Posted in: Family Last updated: 16 Sep 2015
View of countryside - Heritage Sites

Heritage sites around the UK make excellent places to visit with the family. Not only are they beautiful places to discover, there's often plenty to learn and experience while visiting them. Here we introduce five of the very best sites just waiting to show your whole household a great day out!


Perhaps one of the most well-known heritage sites in England, Stonehenge in Wiltshire is an example of prehistoric monuments at their finest. As well as the stones themselves, on a visit here you can take the time to explore the surrounding exhibits, learning all about the ancient monument, the people involved in its story and the secrets of the landscape.

Bolsover Castle

One of the lesser-known heritage sites, Bolsover Castle certainly makes for a great family day out. You can learn all about the extravagant lifestyle of Sir William Cavendish, walk the walls of the impressive castle, take a look at the magnificent Riding School and maybe even catch a live Cavalier Horsemanship display!

Hadrian's Wall

Spanning a full 73 miles, a visit to Hadrian's Wall will certainly provide you with plenty of countryside air. Now, we're not suggesting trekking the length of it with the family, but the wall has some great facilities for little ones to learn all about the Romans at various points along its length.


Perhaps a lesser known UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saltaire provides plenty to keep the family entertained - as well as some pretty picturesque views too! The town is a model village, dating back to the Victorian era. Many people visit the Salts Mill here - home to art exhibitions, shops, restaurants and often hosting events. Take a look at what's coming up at Salts Mill here.


Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Bath is home to fascinating architecture, a great selection of restaurants and other cultural hotspots, as well as the famous Roman baths. The city makes for a great family day out, as by simply wandering through the streets you can find wonderful buildings, as well as experience the number of festivals the city hosts.
From historic phenomenon to a trip to a model village, World Heritage Sites throughout the UK are more widespread than you may first think! To find out about more great places like these, take a look at the English Heritage website.

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